22 Sep 2016

​Often people ask, "but what do they do??" when they notice the simple strips of leather, paracord, natural twine or lace criss-crossed a few times around my foot.

My answer:

That's the point: They do NOthing.

My feet can do what they love to do while I go where I want to go.

Over time however, I've found quite a few reasons to wear sole-less footwear and the list keeps growing. They are followed by a list of solutions you can buy or DIY.

If you have...

24 Jun 2016

Like your feet to be free? Like to move yet still want a little protection from the terrain at times?

If you said yes, then this list of active sandal options is for you.

The common thread among them all:

They don't flip. They don't flop. They stay on your feet as you walk, hop, skip, jump and even run, while allowing the foot to be quite free.

Yet each one has it's own backstory, geographical location, look, feel and style so please peruse and find...

16 Oct 2015

It doesn't matter how long it's been or what your feet look like or what you think they can or cannot do. Give them a chance. Your feet have feelings too...set them free. Let them explore, climb, feel, smell. They may not be used to it at first but they'll love it. They'll reconnect and they will adapt. Like these chimpanzees. Enjoy!!

13 Oct 2015

Be brave! Modify your footwear! In this DAILY DOSE Jessi demonstrates three ways a shoe can be modified to allow for more natural movement. She also points out the importance of taking into account the difference between a shoe "print" and the "footprint" it offers within it.

12 Oct 2015

...that is killing human movement.

Toes stuck in tapered, immobile shoes are too.

If movement is life, which I truly believe,

then we are denying our children life! 

Jeff Moreno, DPT, Founder Move2Thrive

In both cases, the act alone is not the problem. The amount of time spent doing it compounded by the level of one's activity or inactivity when they're not doing it can result in a problem.

In both cases, people in our society do A LOT of it. They are ...

8 Oct 2015

Oh my word! The WORDS that are being use to market footwear these days are sometimes hilarious, other times negligent. I've laughed and I've cried.

ANATOMICAL is one of them.

It comes from the word ANATOMY which is definied as:

  • the structure of an organism or any of its parts.

  • the scientific study of the shape and structure of organisms and their parts.

Anatomically we were designed with our toes as the widest part of our foot structure A...

7 Oct 2015

It's time for zero-drop to include toes too.  Common examples of what is known as "TOE SPRING" can be seen below:

Natural Footgear writes:

Toe spring is a toe-deforming shoe feature present in most shoes, including athletic shoes. Toe spring is the elevation of your shoe’s toe box above the ground or supporting surface. The current industry standard for toe spring for most types of footwear is 15 degrees. This means that most shoes hold, or immobil...

7 Oct 2015

Footwear science is BIG TIME. It's amazing the magnitude of people, time and money that are involved these days. The more I looked into it the more confused I became as to how footwear has not been more true to the natural foot.

Recently it has become more clear why the tragic trajectory. I've heard a footwear company tout the huge amount of footstrike data they had to work with and promote that their footwear doesn't inhibit the natural movement...

5 Oct 2015

Come along and see what Jessi gets up to during a free run in the forest...

3 Oct 2015

It's time for the feet to shine. Getting to know your feet is vital to understanding and wanting the best for them. Jessi breaks the ice by introducing her feet to you: the good, the great and the what parts still need some work...

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