27 Sep 2015

I want to make a point, and I'm going to throw some numbers around to help with that. They all have some relevance and are based on fact or are one of many true possibilities to choose from. It's not meant to be nit picked. It's a bit of a theory that aims to give people something to think about. I'd love your thoughts, including other suggestions for the "numbers" in the comments below after you read the following.

My loose calculations say 2.94%...

23 Sep 2015

...and the lack there of.


Here's a link to a video that at :34 shows two clips of a foot landing (it seems like running.) They are both shown from the lateral aspect of the foot.


Watch how the first one lands, absorbs beautifully, smoothly, with a fully flat foot.


Watch how the second, lands, shudders, always with an arched foot that never absorbs.


This is a great visual of what's often said, but hard to see. When the foot is too weak, immobile,...

21 Sep 2015

It is time we begin to differentiate between foot-shaped feet and shoe-shaped feet.


If you haven't already check out The Foot's Blank Slate: The Sublime Spade Shape.


And, of course...here's FRED. Shoe-shaped and foot-shaped, personified:

Here is a present day example. This x-ray does not belong to these shoes...but it was amazing how perfectly they fit:


If you have been wearing shoes most of your life, it's most likely that you currently have a sh...

20 Sep 2015

Wide in FEET FREEX speak means the feet are wide AND the toes are the widest. Period.


"Wider than the rest" does not cut it. Like the image below. I've drawn the blue lines straight through the metatarsals, the 1st and 5th toes are meant to follow this line. In the picture they are deformed. Not only are these shoes not allowing the foot to live in a natural position, they certainly are not allowing them to splay. The space between the blue and...

14 Sep 2015

Join Jessi as she takes you along through the trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph of her feet and discusses the inspiration behind FEET FREEX.








13 Sep 2015

People said I was "brave" when I sold all of my belongings and set off to travel around the world. I said I wasn't brave, I was prepared. It felt so right to go that it would've been harder to stay. At that time that was my path of least resistance. Those unprepared to do that at the moment would not have been as comfortable. In that moment it was not their path of least resistance. It was easiest for them to continue what they were currently doi...

13 Sep 2015

Why is that important? Because it means they have muscles attached to them, and muscles are designed to do WORK. They're part of the team. The everyday kind of work, like walking. Of course there are those who can also make their sandwiches with their feet, but let's just start with the basics.


Many shoe-wearing people don't even realize their feet are deformed, immobile, weak and unstable these days because it's so epidemic. And those that do re...

12 Sep 2015

Although I've had a couple pairs of toe socks over the years, until I read this little clip from 1890,  in Babyhood: A Monthly Magazine for Mothers, I hadn't stopped to think that "the power of an elastic stocking is by its persistance very great."  I now wear and recommend wearing only socks with a true foot-shaped toe box with toes the widest or toe socks.





11 Sep 2015

A very timely and relevant post from Seth Godin today: How Idea Adoption Works.

"Every important idea starts out on the fringe. It's not obvious, proven or readily explained. And a tiny group of people, people who like the fringe, engage with it."

In our case, this "important idea" is well past the "fringe." It's "obvious, proven and readily explained." And there are a lot of people who want it.

Risky? I'm not sure it was ever a "risky" idea. It has...

11 Sep 2015

Barefoot is not a type of shoe. Barefoot is not a brand. It is not a feeling. It is not SOMEthing. It is NOthing. The foot is either bare or it is not. One is either barefoot or they are not. That is all.



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