22 Sep 2016

​Often people ask, "but what do they do??" when they notice the simple strips of leather, paracord, natural twine or lace criss-crossed a few times around my foot.

My answer:

That's the point: They do NOthing.

My feet can do what they love to do while I go where I want to go.

Over time however, I've found quite a few reasons to wear sole-less footwear and the list keeps growing. They are followed by a list of solutions you can buy or DIY.

If you have...

16 Sep 2016

We've looked far and wide to bring you this list of the most feet-friendly footwear solutions on the planet today.

That said, we still feel the need to repeat...

Feet are the friendliest footwear for feet...

and the rest of your body and, in our humble opinion, perhaps even world peace

and the fate of humankind.

But back to the list. Below we focus on those that offer close-toed footwear in adult sizes. For open-toed sandal options see our related art...

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September 5, 2015

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