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The                                    Seal of Approval


Setting a new norm in footwear by offering THE ONE AND ONLY steadfast standard.

The goal of the Seal is to provide a trusted source for those seeking the absolute best for their feet and footwear.  The Seal will honor nature's intelligent engineering as it serves to resolutely raise the bar higher for health, safety and human performance.


What is the                                    Seal of Approval Program?


The FEET FREEX Seal of Approval Program recognizes products that not only do not impede natural foot growth and movement, but, when applicable, promote it.


The Seal is granted to products that acknowledge, abide by and allow for the true natural growth and movement of the feet. To earn the Seal, each product will be evaluated to ensure it meets the highest standard of foot health, safety and performance.


Footwear will be evaluated on the following elements, including, but not limited to:


Shape of the last


Material quality, quantity and performance


Foot movement quality where applicable based upon product's use




The Seal will be awarded after a thorough evaluation during which any applicable documentation, related research and performance testing will be reviewed to determine whether specific standards are met.


What is the value of the Seal?


First and foremost, we are here to provide transparent, trusted information highlighting those products that are committed to the highest level of foot health, safety and performance. The Seal is designed so that consumers can make the best possible decisions when it comes to what products to trust and invest in.


Second, it is our aim to increase the demand for products with the FEET FREEX Seal of Approval so that, along with the voice of the FEET FREEX community, we will be able to inspire the ongoing evolvement of foot education and footwear products to such an extent that we eliminate much of the epidemic, chronic mechanical distortions of the foot caused by ill-fitting footwear that plague modern society today.


What are the benefits of the Seal?


Aside from being a part of the overall mission for the love of feet and ultimate human performance, those products that earn the Seal will:


have a photo, description and links listed on the FEET FREEX Approved page on the website


be promoted within the FEET FREEX community,  ewsletter, facebook page and instagram


be featured in a highlight video posted to FEET FREEX youtube page, facebook page and website


have the right to use the FEET FREEX Seal of Approval in digital and print marketing materials


How long is the seal valid and can it be renewed?


A Seal rewarded to a product is applicable for that specific make and model. Any changes, regardless of timeframe, require another application.

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