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Let's be an ALWAYS thing

A very timely and relevant post from Seth Godin today: How Idea Adoption Works.

"Every important idea starts out on the fringe. It's not obvious, proven or readily explained. And a tiny group of people, people who like the fringe, engage with it."

In our case, this "important idea" is well past the "fringe." It's "obvious, proven and readily explained." And there are a lot of people who want it.

Risky? I'm not sure it was ever a "risky" idea. It has been more commonly considered "common sense."

New? Well, it's not a new idea. There are articles dating back to 1860 in support of properly designed shoes. And Vibram's Five Fingers did a great job of reaching the market with this "novel" idea of footwear that is shaped like a foot and let's the foot move.

So let's say FEET FREEX is riding the coat tails of being a "new" idea. Now...

"When enough people embrace a new thing, it becomes a hot thing, and then the hot thing might go mass."

We've gotta get HOT!

"Finally, when enough people with the mass worldview accept an idea, they begin to pressure the rest of the people around them, insisting that they accept the new idea as if it's always been the right thing to do, because that's what this group seeks, the certainty of the idea that has always been true."

Well lucky for us it has "ALWAYS been the right thing to do and the idea has "ALWAYS been true."

So if I'm interpreting this correctly, it seems we need a bit of heat and a bit of pressure...and then FEET FREEX might just explode...

Sweet. Let's do it!

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