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Oh my word! The WORDS that are being use to market footwear these days are sometimes hilarious, other times negligent. I've laughed and I've cried.

ANATOMICAL is one of them.

It comes from the word ANATOMY which is definied as:

  • the structure of an organism or any of its parts.

  • the scientific study of the shape and structure of organisms and their parts.

Anatomically we were designed with our toes as the widest part of our foot structure AND our heel and toes designed to be on one plane (when non-weightbearing or on level ground.) Shoes that do not allow for this are not ANATOMICAL they are ABNORMAL. They deform feet.

The problem is that shoe-shaped feet have become the norm.

Shoe-shaped feet must not be an anatomical standard. They are abnormal not natural.

My sister, on the lookout for shoes for her 3, 5 and 7-year olds, sent me a link to a footwear company's website that looked like it had potential. As usual, I hoped, had a look, and then proceded to write to the company:

If you say this: “[We]…craft a shoe that protects the natural development of children’s feet.” Why aren’t the toes the widest part of your shoes?

They promptly replied:

Hi Jessi,

Thank you for checking us out! Our shoes are designed around an anatomical last (foot model) that follows a child's natural foot form.

To which I replied:

Then i have two more questions: 1. Why doesn’t the last have toes widest? 2. Do you know why that is important?

And never recieved a response.

Beware. Here are a few ways it's worded in an effort to sell, sell, sell:

"Doctor Approved Anatomically Shaped. A new benchmark in anatomically correct shoes that deliver adaptive comfort."

"Our shoes are designed around an anatomical last (foot model) that follows a child's natural foot form."

"The most functional and correct anatomical support...than any other brand of cycling shoe on the market."

"...convenient anatomical last."

"The strength of the foot is in the arch, and our anatomical arch support system provides all of the comfort and support that your feet deserve."

"We build our footwear with anatomically contoured footbeds to deliver the perfect balance of instant comfort and lasting support."

"The anatomically correct orthopedic footbed ensures effortless walking."

"Modern fit anatomical last provides medial and lateral support and stability."

"The natural orthopedic footbed provides healthful anatomical support."

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