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Sole-less Footwear Solutions

​Often people ask, "but what do they do??" when they notice the simple strips of leather, paracord, natural twine or lace criss-crossed a few times around my foot.

My answer:

That's the point: They do NOthing.

My feet can do what they love to do while I go where I want to go.

Over time however, I've found quite a few reasons to wear sole-less footwear and the list keeps growing. They are followed by a list of solutions you can buy or DIY.

If you haven't already, we hope after this you'll be ready to give it a go!!

What we love:


They look great!

They turned heads. People ask where they can buy them and sometimes even mention an outfits they think they'd go great with.


Stand out in a crowd. It's unique and people can see more of YOU

Sue Kennedy of Barebottom Shoes says, “Wearing Barebottoms offers us the freedom to let our true inner beauty shine in harmony with nature, soul to sole.”


They take up way less space.


They cost less.


To gain access to places that otherwise require footwear.

Whether it deceives people or intrigues them doesn't really matter to me. I've been stopped only once in a year after wearing them in many places that would have otherwise required footwear.


People are interested, inquisitive.

They don't have a box to put you in like they may when they see just bare feet. Many times people pause, look, don't know what to think saying, "that's....interesting" with a smile. Those that do ask about them are those that are curious and communicative, and those are fun people to talk to.


Minimal materials and the most earth-friendly footprint.


Whether you want to buy them or DIY are a few options for you!

Search for things like "barefoot" "sandals" "DIY" and the like on the following sites to explore many options...

Here are some links just to get you started on how you can DIY your own!

Live free. Move more.


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