is a fresh, foot-focused resource and global community created for the love of happy, healthy feet and their role in our miraculous whole body human nature.  It aims to be a catalyst for bringing people together to create positive change in awareness, education and product design for feet and footwear.




To create a greater global awareness of and desire for the human foot's natural form and function: it's aesthetic appeal, it's health benefits, and it's performance potentialities. 


To create change within the footwear industry by creating a community so great that friends, family AND the industry WANT to be a part of it; a community that demands footwear options that acknowledge, abide by and allow for, the original, natural movement of the foot, to the fullest extent possible, across all categories.




Jessi is a lover of life who lives, breathes and adventures in the name of lifelong movement quality.


She has been recently been described as a force of nature and deemed “the foot prophet” by those who’ve heard her speak.


"Put Jessi in a box...and she will *#@!& break the box!" - Cassidy Phillips


Jessi’s focus on human performance has been fueled by her degree in exercise science, experience as an NCAA Division I college swimmer, a successful career as a professional triathlete, her own daily adventures in movement around the world, as well as having countless awe-inspiring peers and mentors over the years.


In 2009, she created MovementU, which provides lifestyle-focused, movement-based inspiration, education and strategies for all levels of athletes and health professionals. Jessi provides movement assessments, one-on-one consultations, group sessions and workshops around the world.


Exploring her own human performance capabilities is a passion: taking on new adventures, new movements and new sports to challenge herself. Handstands, tree climbing, whitewater kayaking, multi-day mountain bike races, canyoneering and adventure racing are among the most recent. A lifelong student, she continues to learn about the principles of human movement. Her focus is on creating awareness and structure for positive lifestyle habits as well as applying movement principles to the highest level of sport.


Her current MovementU missions are focused creating movements toward ensuring that human factors and ergonomics are more carefully and wholly considered in product design, starting with the foot and footwear. In September 2015 she launched FEET FREEX: a global grassroots community focused on educating people about the foot with the mission of inspiring change within the footwear industry.

Join Jessi as she takes you along through the trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph

of her feet and discusses the inspiration behind FEET FREEX in the video here. WARNING: It's the complete version :)