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No Flip. No Flop. The Sandal List for People On The Move.

Like your feet to be free? Like to move yet still want a little protection from the terrain at times?

If you said yes, then this list of active sandal options is for you.

The common thread among them all:

They don't flip. They don't flop. They stay on your feet as you walk, hop, skip, jump and even run, while allowing the foot to be quite free.

Yet each one has it's own backstory, geographical location, look, feel and style so please peruse and find the one(s) that suit you and yours. Adults and kids styles available in most.

For reviews of many of them we'd recommend heading over to Birthday Shoes.

We'll add to this list as we come across additional options. Please comment below if you have any suggestions!

Click on the logos to link to each website. A few DIY options are listed below as well!

Happy wandering!


DIY options...

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